Top 10 alternative Must Dos – KORCULA

1.     St. Justine church and square which lies in the “newer” part of and is a hidden gem as you can`t find it on the typical touristic routes. In the evening you will find only local kid`s playing ball games and gathering to plan some other games. The place itself has a spiritual touch and soul and you breathe the lost Mediterranean air and collect some inspiration.



2.     Run on Badija Island and enjoy in one of the best running and walking trails ever. If you manage to take an early taxi boat let`s say at 9 am it is very likely that you be the only one at the 4,5 km long trail which surrounds the tiny island with the famous monastery on it. After making the circle hike up to the old ruin on top from where you have a stunning view at the rest of the small islands.



3.     Check out Kutak Knjiga the only library in Korcula with lot`s of international books as the owner itself is a Frenchman settled in the town. The tiny place is a hidden gem where you can also find guides for trekking and walking tours and other useful literature.


4.     Sit on a bench on the sea promenade in old town. As nearly all wooden benches were removed and sacrificed  for of the uprising tourism industry  and gastronomy terraces try to get a seat on the 2 – 3 remaining ones. It might be the last summer that they are still around. A few activists reached out that these benches are still in public use. Once you get a seat you will be privileged as you got the prime location which you otherwise would have to pay a fortune.


5.     Hike to forteca, English tower fort. It takes only 20 min. from Korcula town and you will be rewarded with this fort built by the Brits in 1813. On the way to the tower you will get as a reward for the effort a panorama view at the old town and a perfect “Instagram” spot.


6.     Take a walk to “Naplov” through the only public forest park. Naplov is an abandoned water retaining installation that served for the water supply before the water pipe was established.


7.     Night ride with the semiSubmarine. With the special lights this and a night sea view this ride will be an unforgettable experience for all sea life lovers. Explore the underwater environment at night a sea species like octopus, squids and small sea bass hunting small fishes. This like being in space rather than in heaven.


8.     Sunset at “Puntin” at west port. Korcula is not famous for the sunset and you will not find this attraction in any tourist guide. The best time for this natural show in August when you see the typical dive of the sun into the horizon.


9.     Žrnovo village plus Kočje. Only 3 km in the hinterland of Korcula town lies the small village Žrnovo which is in every sense untouristic an preserved like it would be in the french Provence or Toskany. With authentic Konobas where you can eat like locals and with place like Kočje which is reachable after a 25 minutes. Kočje is a place which is undescribable as looks like the perfect scenary for a Salvador Dali landscape.


10.Cliff Jumping in the horn of Korčula. You can get to this unique cliff jumping spot by land, boat trip or renting a boat. You find many different levels to jump off knowing that you are on the southeast edge of the island. At moments you will feel like being a part of the Jacques Cousteau movies.